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Local Voices 2018: Interview with Mena Ayazi


Drawing on shared experiences, Alexander Nasserjah and Mena Ayazi discuss growing up in the US as the children of Afghan refugees.

By Alexander Nasserjah

Exhibiting the Past: UVA's 101st Object

Student Project

What can an object tell us about society? UVA students explored the role of museums and the challenges in curating public history on both sides of the Atlantic. 

By Nicole Johnson

Confronting the Past and the Present: Student Voices from UVA


Current UVA students on the violent white supremacist rally last summer and the lasting impact it had on campus. 

By Nicole Johnson

UVA Documentary Theater - Ali


UVA student Ali reflects on the events of August 11th and 12th, 2017, in this personal documentary theater piece.

By Ali Cheraghpour

UVA Documentary Theater - Geri


Charlottesville community member Geri reflects on the events of August 11th and 12th, 2017, in this documentary theater piece by UVA student Savannah. 

By Savannah Hard

What is a Citizens' Assembly?


Since 2016, The Republic of Ireland has used a citizens' assembly to engage the Irish public in government decision-making. But what exactly is a citizen’s assembly, and how do they work?

By Ian Goodrich

The Power of Imagery

Student Project

Persuasive propaganda requires powerful imagery. UVA students worked with photographer Marc Erwin Babej to create their own propaganda-like images.

By Nicole Johnson

Announcing Our 2018 Welcoming Communities!


2018 marks the third year of the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange, a program that brings together US and German community leaders to share strategies for welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees.

‘Fake News’ Fights Back

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Russian disinformation. A government attacking the media. A populace deeply skeptical of it. These Slovak journalists had seen it all — and decided to do something about it.

By Emily Tamkin

Achtung! Voter Suppression is Coming to Europe


With an upcoming Supreme Court decision on partisan gerrymandering, new voter ID laws around the country, and increased rhetoric about voter fraud, the topic of voter suppression is at the forefront of the US national debate.

By Andrea Sandbrink

WCTE Upcoming Webinar

Info Session

Interested in joining a future Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange (WCTE) tour? Tune into our upcoming webinar for more information.

By Hannah Winnick
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The Transatlantic Dialogue Program on Democracy and Social Policy explores the challenges to US and European democracies: how do developments such as the rise of right-wing populist parties across Europe, the wide-spread appeal of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US, a global refugee crisis, and the growth of new digital technologies impact our societies and test the strength of our democracies?  Through events and publications, we bring together policymakers and civil society organizations to discuss how to respond to such challenges in order to promote a strong Transatlantic partnership and inclusive democratic societies.