All Energy Transition Content

All Energy Transition Content

Climate Lawsuits

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Will Big Oil pay for lying about climate change?

By Christine Daum-Farber

Wackersdorf Film Tour

Join us for a screening and discussion with the director of the new German film Wackersdorf (2018).

Clean air is a luxury not everyone here can afford

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Black and Hispanic people breathe more polluted air and drink dirtier water. Now, one of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods is standing up against “environmental racism.”

By Felix Austen

What's at stake for COP 24?


The Katowice UN Climate Change Conference will take place in Katowice from the 3rd till the 14th of December 2018. 

By Don Lehr

Energy Atlas: Figures and facts about renewables in Europe

The European Energy Atlas 2018 is published at a time when the EU Member States are discussing their energy and climate strategy until 2013. It thereby not only provides a compass on the differing energy discussions in Europe but also reveals how a Europeanization of the energy transition will be the more efficient and cost-effective option for all Europeans.

Life After Coal

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

In "Germany’s Appalachia," the last coal mine is closing. Can renewable energy and technology replace a quietly disappearing industry?

By Amelia Urry

Living with the Flood

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Flooded streets, drifting cars: That’s normalcy for the citizens of Norfolk. The city wants to better protect its residents. But they don't always cooperate.

By Alexandra Endres

Economic Transitions in US Coal Communities

Photo Gallery

We toured the US Appalachia region with energy expert Timon Wehnert to visit communities in Kentucky, New York, and Pennsylvania and see how they are transitioning from a coal-based economy. 

By Nora Löhle , Gavriela Reiter
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