energy policy


A discussion in Whitesburg, Kentucky featured a talk by Timon Wehnert of the Wuppertal Institute as part of a tour of US coal communities sponsored by the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America.

Centre for Alternative Technology working out the next step on a rooftop PV installation

In relation to the rest of Europe, the UK’s role as market, nuclear, and shale gas champion has brought its policies into sharp relief in contrast to countries such as Germany and Austria.

The cooling towers of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant in the Czech Republic

In 2015, a new State Energy Policy came into effect in the Czech Republic. While government plans still rely heavily on new nuclear reactors, new government strategies on renewables raise hopes.

"Mrs. Merkel, stop coal power!"

Germany is phasing out nuclear power and has come to rely more on coal for its electricity. Despite a steep rise in renewable energy, the use of coal is endangering Germany’s ambitious target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.