Green Climate Fund


Signal effect for global climate finance


The Green Climate Fund is important for implementing the Paris Agreement and for setting important standards for global climate finance. The financial viability of the fund, however, is by no means guaranteed. 

By Liane Schalatek

10 things to know about climate finance in 2015

These graphics highlight the ten most noteworthy insights from joint effort by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung North America and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) over the past year from monitoring climate finance on Climate Funds Update (CFU).

Success is More than Just One Big Figure!

The first ever pledging conference for the new Green Climate Fund will be held in Berlin, Germany on November 20th.  Anything less than USD 10 billion in confirmed pledges could be seen as a sign that rich countries are not supportive of the Fund and spell trouble for the climate talks in Lima, Peru beginning in just two weeks.  But at stakes is much more than just one big figure, according to Liane Schalatek.

By Liane Schalatek

Green Climate Fund - A Status Update going into the Berlin Pledge Meeting


This briefing, part of the HBF-Overseas Development Institute (ODI) briefing series Climate Finance Fundamentals, provides an up-to-date summary of the status of operationalization of the GCF after its last Board meeting in Barbados several weeks ago as contributor countries prepare to confirm significant resources for the new Fund at the first GCF Pledge Meeting in Berlin.  By Liane Schalatek, HBF, and Smita Nakhooda, ODI.