Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange

Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange

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What is documentary theater?

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Documentary theater director Christine Umpfenbach worked with UVA theater students to create short pieces on the white supremacist attacks on August 11th and 12th, 2017. But what is documentary theater?

By Hannah Winnick

Announcing Our 2018 Welcoming Communities!


2018 marks the third year of the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange, a program that brings together US and German community leaders to share strategies for welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees.

WCTE Upcoming Webinar

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Interested in joining a future Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange (WCTE) tour? Tune into our upcoming webinar for more information.

By Hannah Winnick

Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange 2017

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This past spring, 25 integration practitioners from the cities across Germany traveled across the US to see how American cities tackle the challenges and opportunities of refugee and immigrant integration. 


About WCTE

The Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange (WCTE) brings together integration practitioners and public officials from Germany and the United States to share ideas and best practices on welcoming and integrating refugees at the local level. Each year, up to 25 German and 16 American integration practitioners from a range of backgrounds will visit each other’s countries to learn important new skills around issues such as community engagement, refugee outreach, positive communications, local policy development, evaluation, and many other areas critical for creating a welcoming community where all members can thrive. Participants include individuals who work on a daily basis in key areas of migrant integration, and represent various offices of government, civil society, business, education, and other related sectors.

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