COP 15 in Copenhagen: Activities of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

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The outcome of the Copenhagen conference will determine how the world will address the challenge of climate change in the next years. More than 190 countries discuss how a new global climate treaty could look like that will succeed the Kyoto-Protocol. Climate reduction targets, financial funds for mitigation and adaptation especially in the poorest countries and the architecture of the new treaty are among the crucial topics of the talks.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation with its delegation of partners and own experts follows the negotiations in Copenhagen closely. Comments on the latest news and background information can be found in the links below: 

• Fellows of the Heinrich Böll Foundation will blog from the conference on “Klima der Gerechtigkeit” (climate equity) about latest developments of the negotiations and gossip from the hallways.

• Anna da Costa, fellow with the Worldwatch Institute, will blog on “Dateline: Copenhagen” about the negotiations with a special perspective from developing countries. The blog is being supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

• Together with the NGO Germanwatch the Heinrich Böll Foundation provides a briefing preview, clarifying which kind of substantial agreements by the leaders are necessary and which show elements they can omit.

• These articles by Liane Schalatek, deal with the question of gender equality and its relevance in the context of  adaptation financing, another key topic of the foundation’s work.

• The Heinrich Böll Foundation, in cooperation with the Worldwatch Institute and other organizations, will host an official side event on global renewable energy growth on Thursday, December 17. This brochure provides further information on this event as well as on other activities by the foundation in Copenhagen.