The Role of Foundations in Promoting Renewable Energy Policies

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October 2,  2009, Anchorage, Alaska
Speakers:  Andreas Krämer (Ecologic Institute) and Wilson Rickerson (Meister Consultants)

This session at the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) Fall Retreat in Anchorage, Alaska, focused on “Investments Into Renewable Energies –What policies do Work?” Andreas Krämer of the Berlin-based Ecologic Institute and Wilson Rickerson of Meister Consulting addressed differences and similarities of renewable energies in Germany and the US.

Through its policy mix with a focus on feed-in tariffs, Germany prepared the ground for innovation, business creation and growing employment in the field of hydropower, wind and solar power, bio-energies and geothermal energy. Taking current market analyses and demonstration projects into account, Germany could run 100 per cent on renewable energies in the power sector by 2050.  If one takes in turn a closer look at the US it becomes apparent that its potential for wind and solar power is even far greater than in Germany. For this reason this session was especially addressing US (and Canadian) foundations and presented a number of suggestions on how they can help unlock the potential of renewable energies in the US. Read more on the presentations here.