Unlocking a low-carbon Europe

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Unlocking a low-carbon Europe

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Perspectives on EU budget reform

 Among the many challenges that face Europe in 2010, there are none more pressing than the twin tasks of securing a stable climate and moving to a low-carbon economy.
Now, a  reform of the EU budget matters deeply for the pursuit of a low-carbon economy. There is arguably no policy lever as important as the EU budget for setting the direction of EU action.
Therefore, successful action on climate change is a necessity to meet common goals in the new decade.
A concerted approach that tackles both challenges together will of course be difficult, but is far more likely to succeed than any disconnected attempts to deal with these challenges seperately. There is a real opportunity to develop a positive, mutually reinforcing dynamic between these two agendas. Movement on the EU budget will help unlock a low-carbon Europe, while the continuing pressure for action on climate change can create the momentum required for budget reform. Furthermore, the focus on climate change can in turn significantly improve the prospects for budget reform, providing political impetus and leveraging the economic resources required to kickstart a new post-crisis era of sustainable growth and job creation.

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Unlocking a low-carbon Europe Green Alliance, by Chris Littlecott

Section one: budget, climate, action
Delivering EU action on climate change, by David Baldock and Camilla Adelle, Institute for European Environmental Policy
A European budget for the future, by Jesse Scott, E3G
Building business confidence, by Arif Shah, Business for New Europe

Section two: spending the budget better
The big win within reach: energy efficiency, by David Orr, National Housing Federation and CECODHAS-Housing Europe
Climate, cohesion, and delivering EU value, by Keti Medarova-Bergstrom, CEE Bankwatch and Friends of the Earth Europe
Transforming technology, delivering decarbonisation, by Giles Dickson, Alstom

Section three: connecting budget revenues to policy delivery
Emissions trading and EU budget, by Sanjeev Kumar, WWF European Policy Office
Connecting with carbon taxation, by Eulalia Rubio, Notre Europe

Section four: strategies for reform
How to approach the reform? by Agata Hinc and Paweł Świeboda, demosEUROPA
Winning the budget battles, by Jan Seifert, Heinrich Böll Stiftung