Structural Change and Climate Protection: How Climate Policy Transforms the Economy and the Working World

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Picture: Alberto Rigamonti, 123RF.
by Jürgen Blazejczak and Dietmar Edler

In this study, Jϋrgen Blazejczak and Dietmar Edler both from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) document the state of research on the economic consequences of a stringent climate protection policy. Here, the main emphasis is placed on the transformation of the working world in light of the intensified and accelerated structural change expected as a result from rigorous decarbonisation measures. The authors draw a differentiated portrait of the costs, opportunities and uncertaintees engendered by the ecological restructuring of modern industrialized societies. Their main finding is that a stringent climate policy will in fact have positive effects on employment rates. In the long run, the ecological transition will not cost jobs - on the contrary , it will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. This is good news.

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