What is the German Energiewende?


What is the German Energiewende?

February 4, 2013

Germany’s switch to renewable energies has drawn global attention. Some say the energy transition is impossible. But Germans want clean energy, and a lot of them – like Martina in this clip - want to produce it themselves.

Why is the Energiewende such a draw for citizens and small investors? By 2011, more than half of investments in renewables had been made by small investors. Large corporations, on the other hand, have invested relatively little so far. The switch to renewables has greatly strengthened small and midsize businesses, and it has empowered local communities and their citizens to generate their own renewable energy. Across Germany, a rural energy revolution is underway. Communities are benefiting from new jobs and increasing tax revenues, which has become even more important after the debt crisis in the euro zone.

Check out this video which to understand why the Energiewende has much support among Germans and why it’s the worth the effort. For more information, visit www.EnergyTransition.de.


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