Race to the Top Tour

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April 16, 2013

As part of the project “The Climate Network: Revitalizing Transatlantic Relations for a Green Economy”, the Heinrich Böll Foundation will send two experts from European energy cooperatives on a speaking tour across New England and Ontario, Canada, on April 22 – 30, 2013. Our experts, Dr. Andreas Wieg from the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation, and Dirk Vansintjan from Ecopower, a renewable energy cooperative in Flanders, Belgium, will travel to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Ottawa, to meet with lawmakers, regulators, business representatives, academics, entrepreneurs, and community organizers to discuss the economic benefits of the transition to renewable energy production in Germany, Belgium and Europe. The tour will include the following public events:



The slide shows presented by Andreas Wieg during the tour can be downloaded here:


You can contact Andreas by email: Wieg[at]dgrv.de


The slide shows presented by Dirk Vansintjan during the tour can be downloaded here:


You can contact Dirk by email: dirk.vansintjan[at]ecopower.be



Our speakers referenced the following publications during their presentations:



For additional information about the tour please contact Roric McCorristin.