A Handbook of Climate Finance in India

This handbook, a cooperation project of the Vasudha Foundation India and the Heinrich Boell Foundation offices in India and North America, has been designed as a guide for civil society groups and other stakeholders in India to understand the various issues around climate finance needs and flows, specific to the Indian context. Such knowledge and background information is essential to fulfill the potential of Indian civil society groups to meaningfully engage in the decision-making process. It seeks to analyze the current institutional and governance structure for climate finance in India. Additionally, it also seeks to assess the actual flows of finance received for addressing mitigation and adaptation in India against climate finance needs identified by the central and state governments.

It aims to provide much-needed information to civil society groups to play a more active role in the arena of climate finance in India, particularly,
a) To ensure that, in a country-driven process, climate financing will be prioritized for projects that clearly promote sustainable development and place the country on a pathway which is low-carbon, climate resilient and gender sensitive;
b) To build capacities of various civil society groups to eventually monitor the implementation of climate finance projects/programs in India, specifically those to be funded in the near future by the Green Climate Fund (GCF); and
c) To influence the various bilateral and multilateral initiatives on climate change in India to truly contribute to the overall objective of promoting low emission, climate resilient and gender-sensitive development.

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October 2014
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