G20 Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance

Objective: To enhance cooperation and synergies of existing and future global infrastructure and trade facilitation programs seeking to improve connectivity within, between and among countries.

  • Key principles of the Alliance
  • Leverage; Openness; Complementarities
  • Scope of Work of the Alliance and Indicative Deliverables
    • Mapping connectivity initiatives
    • Developing outlook on global connectivity
    • Addressing information and solution gaps in global infrastructure connectivity
    • Monitoring and assessing global connectivity performance
    • Facilitating sharing of good practice on connectivity
    • Facilitating the sharing of information on bankable projects
    • Supporting a regional or global infrastructure connectivity program
  • Membership and Structure of the Alliance
  • Convocations of the Alliance
  • Resourcing of the Alliance
  • Implementation

See G20 Global Infrastructure Connectivity Alliance Initiative here


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