G20 Voluntary Action Plan on Renewable Energy

Objective: To consolidate the leading role that the G20 has in the global renewable energy deployment and development, through the established efforts and new initiatives that can be carried out in 2016 and beyond.

  • Increasing substantially the share of renewable energy by 2030
  • Continue the implementation of the "G20 Toolkit of voluntary options on renewable energy deployment"
    • In-depth analysis of renewable technology costs and structure, their cost reduction potential
    • Continue the good practice exchanges on enabling national policy framework design
    • Continue the development of instruments for renewable energy specific risk mitigation
    • Assessment of renewable energy technology potential and development of roadmaps
    • Deployment of modern bio-energy
  • Improve the frameworks for enabling the scale up of renewable energy investment
  • Continue to support the strengthening of international cooperation 

See G20 Voluntary Action Plan on Renewable Energy here


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