As German Forces Arrive in Jordan, Turko-German Tensions Simmer

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Germany is moving air force units involved in the fight against ISIL to Jordan. What can they expect after the move? A media fellow report.

This article was first published by Globalo on October 21, 2017 as part of our Transatlantic Media Fellowship program.

In most instances the visit of a group of German parliamentarians visiting a NATO base would be unremarkable. However, these are not normal times. With a NATO official in the lead a group of German parliamentarians visited a group of 30 Bundeswehr soldiers deployed at a NATO base near Konya on September 8th.

The visit comes as tensions between the two countries have risen in recent months.

The Turkish government nixed a visit by German parliamentarians to a larger German force at the Incirlik airbase earlier this year.

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