Start-Up Detroit: How the Tech Revitalization Deepens Inequalities

Tech start-ups across the country like to portray themselves as savvy social entrepreneurs – whiz kids who use simple, data-based technologies to make our cities “smart” and “open.” But in the rush to modernize, the new generation of tech enthusiasts often neglects the complexities of urban communities, the tangled histories of racial discrimination and deep-seated socioeconomic divides. 

By Shilpa Jindia

“We’re the Good Guys”

Chris Valasek can control cars remotely – without the drivers being able to do anything about it. He works together with his friend Charlie Miller, a hacker and former NSA employee, and together they’re the most famous car hackers  in the world. Now both of them work for Uber, and insist: "we are definitely not hacking the taxi industry." 

By Steve Przybilla