About TECN

About TECN

The Transatlantic Energy and Climate Network is a project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Washington, D.C., committed to strengthening dialogue between Americans and Europeans to promote a sustainable clean energy economy on both sides of the Atlantic. It encourages a transatlantic exchange of best practices for advancing a green economy, including the production and deployment of renewable energy, sustainable urban development and preparing for the impacts of climate change. The project is collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s offices in Brussels, Warsaw and Prague.

The Transatlantic Energy and Climate Network aims to broaden the scope of transatlantic dialogue on energy and climate issues at all levels of public policymaking by introducing new voices into EU-US policy debate. The project makes a special effort to focus attention on, and contribute momentum to, state and local policies in the U.S. that are already successfully advancing the transition to a sustainable clean energy economy – largely off the transatlantic radar. Furthermore, it highlights “unlikely allies” in these efforts, especially in so-called red states in the U.S. that have, for example, taken the lead in renewable energy production. It serves the best interests of the transatlantic relationship when state and local stakeholders can contribute to EU-US policy discussions to share their experiences and expertise, learn about best practices in European policy, and connect with counterparts in the EU. Given the opportunity for mutual exchange, these actors also provide their European counterparts insights to better understand the complex landscape on energy and climate issues in the U.S.

The project will organize in 2014-15 a Green Economy Roundtable Series in Washington and Brussels, study and speaking tours in the U.S. and Europe for policy experts, and Energy and Climate Media Fellowships for U.S. journalists to report from the EU.

For further information please contact Roric McCorristin at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Washington, D.C.

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