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All Strengthening Democracy Content

‘Fake News’ Fights Back

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Russian disinformation. A government attacking the media. A populace deeply skeptical of it. These Slovak journalists had seen it all — and decided to do something about it.

By Emily Tamkin

Achtung! Voter Suppression is Coming to Europe


With an upcoming Supreme Court decision on partisan gerrymandering, new voter ID laws around the country, and increased rhetoric about voter fraud, the topic of voter suppression is at the forefront of the US national debate.

By Andrea Sandbrink

“Representation is power.”- Interview with Ruben Gonzales


Across the US, progressive Americans are looking for ways to engage in civil resistance and defend progressive legislation. The Victory Institute and its associated Fund identify, train and support members of the LGBTQ community to run for office. We spoke with Ruben Gonzales, Vice President of the Leadership Initiatives at the Victory Institute.

By Sophia Oster, Ruben Gonzales

Civic Charter

Repression of civil society is on the rise all over the world. The charter aims to support civil society organizations as activists throughout the world, to advocate for their rights and freedom of action, and to demand government guarantees.

The Return of Repression

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung President Barbara Unmüssig on the ever-shrinking spaces for civil society and what it means for democratic governance around the world.

By Barbara Unmüßig

The Last Colony: Puerto Rico’s Need for a United Voice

We asked Noel Quiñones, an AfroBoricua activist, writer, and poet from the Bronx, New York for his thoughts on the Puerto Rican debt crisis, independence, and the upcoming Presidential elections on the mainland. He responded with this poem and accompanying article. To read the original German-language version of this piece in our US-Elections blog, "Route 16," click here

By Noel Quiñones

Democracy, Democratization and Climate Change

Relationships between democracy and more particularly democratization on the one side and climate change and responses to that on the other are underexplored in the two literatures on democratization and climate change. A special issue of the journal DEMOCRATIZATION, with contributions by several Heinrich Böll Foundation authors, explores a variety of facets of this complex and interdependent relationship.