Technology & Economic Transformation

Technology & Economic Transformation

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming traditional economies, raising concerns about the disruption of industries, labor markets and social relations. Yet, digitalization is also the key to future innovation, offering new approaches for green technologies, creating new growth sectors, and increasing the pace of scientific discovery. We support a transatlantic dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age for our economies, societies and the environment.

Smart cars, transparent citizens?

More safety, less congestion: Artificial intelligence could revolutionize our mobility. But networking vehicles and infrastructure poses new challenges for IT security and data protection.

By Sabine Muscat, Zora Siebert

Start-Up Detroit: How the Tech Revitalization Deepens Inequalities

Tech start-ups across the country like to portray themselves as savvy social entrepreneurs – whiz kids who use simple, data-based technologies to make our cities “smart” and “open.” But in the rush to modernize, the new generation of tech enthusiasts often neglects the complexities of urban communities, the tangled histories of racial discrimination and deep-seated socioeconomic divides. 

By Shilpa Jindia

The Makers who dream about low-cost healthcare solutions

Based in Brooklyn, the Health Maker Lab uses 3D printing technology to produce low-cost prostheses and medical instruments, with the aim of radically shifting the "relationship between the 1% and 99% of the population.” Hbs Media Fellow Giorgio Ghiglione met with one of its founders. 

By Giorgio Ghiglione

The Rebel Networks of New York

Today, two million New Yorkers do not have access to the Internet. Mesh, a project designed for the unemployed living on the outskirts of Brooklyn could overthrow the power of the "super providers" by providing free connections or a solid emergency network, as it did in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. House by house, one balcony at a time, this revolution advances one router at a time. 

By Giorgio Ghiglione

Remote Control at the Wheel

Nowadays, almost every new car has internet access. That makes it easy for hackers to take control of a car with only a laptop—a danger that the police seem powerless to prevent.

By Steve Przybilla
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