Canada’s Climate Change Calendar


Canada’s Climate Change Calendar


July 19, 2010

This report and calendar shows Canada's contribution to climate change in a global perspective. It is intended to provide a fresh perspective on the question of who is responsible for climate change and thus who must take the lead in delivering the solution.
How does it work? Canada’s Climate Change Calendar shows by when during 2010 the average Canadian citizen will have emitted as much as a citizen from another country will during the whole year. For example, it takes only 15 days for the average Canadian to have as big an impact on fuelling global warming as the average Bangladeshi will have all year. Therefore, Bangladesh’s "Climate Impacts Day" is January 15 – 15 days into the year. Each country on the Calendar has its own country page, with more information on climate change impacts in that country, and opportunities to take action.

This project is a cooperation between the Climate Action Network Canada and the Heinrich Boell Stiftung. Climate Action Network Canada, in cooperation with partner organizations, is producing Canada’s Climate Change Calendar as a tool to reach out to emerging environmental champions on the impacts of global warming and opportunities to take action to promote the green energy economy.

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