After Fukushima: The Question for Germany is not if it will Phase out Nuclear Power, but how Quickly


After Fukushima

April 27, 2011
Arne Jungjohann

Even before the terrible nuclear accident in Japan, public opinion in Germany has been strongly against nuclear power. After Fukushima, the German government reacted swiftly and shut down seven nuclear power plants immediately, likely for good. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning on phasing out nuclear power as soon as possible. The question for Germany is not if it will phase out nuclear power, but how quickly.

But how does Germany want to supply its economy and meet its ambitious climate targets without nuclear power? There is no silver bullet to tackle this challenge, as Arne Jungjohann explains in this interview with Daphne Wysham from Earthbeat Radio. Three cornerstones will play a crucial role in Germany’s energy transition: an even stronger growth of renewables; the ramp-up of smart grids, efficiency technologies, and battery and storage technologies; and temporary more flexible natural gas. While these changes will almost certainly lead to conflicts between differing interests, a transparent process of decision-making will be necessary in order to actually step forward to a low carbon economy.


After Fukushima, the debate on nuclear power is changing. Arne Jungjohann provides insight on the discussion in Germany, compares the role of renewable energy in Europe and in the United States and explains why the US could boost renewables very quickly once its political will is strong enough.

Interview "After Fukushima" with Arne Jungjohann
April 27, 11
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