Marisa McNatt

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Marisa McNatt is a Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies with a policy focus at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  She is interested in researching and communicating factors that influence and shape climate change and energy policy in the U.S., ranging from geographical, to socioeconomic, to cultural.  Marisa is a member of the International Collective of Environment, Culture & Politics, an interdisciplinary CU-Boulder affiliated research group.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Broadcast and a Graduate Certificate on Environment, Policy and Society from CU in 2011.

Marisa is interested in researching and communicating to US policy-makers strategies that the EU and Germany are using for transitioning to a carbon-free economy.  Specifically, Marisa is researching how strategies for transitioning toward a carbon-free economy in the EU and Germany can be applied in the context of U.S. culture and politics. 

22. Dec. 2013
Changing the Game: Boulder’s Clean Energy Goals, and How a Lego Game Shows How To Reach Them