Local actors ready to act: Six proposals to improve their access to the Green Climate Fund

Both ENDS; Heinrich Böll Sitftung North America; Aksi! for gender, social and ecological justice; Prakriti Resources Centre
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June 2018
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Local initiatives help people - and the environment on which their livelihoods depend – to adapt to climate shocks and changes. Unfortunately, local climate action is grossly underfunded. The vast majority of climate finance tends to be channelled to large financial institutions focusing on large-scale projects that do not necessarily build upon or support – and often even counteract — local efforts. The role of local actors in climate finance decision-making processes is often very limited.

Several solutions have been or are being proposed to increase access of local actors to climate funds, and ensure accessible, gender-responsive climate finance decision-making processes. Six specific proposals are described in this concise booklet, focusing on the Green Climate Fund (GCF)and including concrete recommendations for the GCF Board, Secretariat, and other relevant decision-makers. The booklet is meant to stimulate more and deeper debate on the crucial role local actors play in the transformative change needed to deal with global climate change.