A Transatlantic Perspective on Disinformation


What are disinformation campaigns? And how do they impact democratic societies? We talked to David Salvo and Bret Schafer, two leading experts in the field, to find out more.

By Jonas Heering
More Internship Capstones

Spring 2019 Interns

We are currently seeking applicants for our Summer 2019 Internships.

We seek qualified students to intern with us year round. Please note that because we accommodate a variety of different academic schedules and interns from around the world, we do not have strict schedules for internships. Our calls for applications are therefore posted on a rolling basis.

Our internships provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to test their academic knowledge within the context of our work. In addition to project-related work, administrative tasks, and communication duties, interns have the opportunity to design their own capstone projects built around their research interests under the guidance of program directors.

Climate & Energy Internship

Application Deadline: February 3rd, 2019

Preferred Start Date: May/June 2019

The Climate and Energy intern works closely with the Program Directors for our Climate and Energy and Climate Policy and Finance programs. The Climate and Energy program focuses on facilitating an energy transition away from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, to a system largely based on renewable energies, such as wind and solar. The Climate Policy and Finance program analyses and monitors the emerging global climate finance architecture, particularly public climate funds, and helps coordinate civil society participation and input into the new Green Climate Fund (GCF) with a focus on ensuring that climate financing is fully gender-responsive.

This internship is well suited for students interested in energy and the environment, with a focus on just energy transitions and sustainable, economic development - particularly in the global south and in underrepresented communities. Applicants should be self-motivated and independent workers. 

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Transatlantic Dialogue Internship

Application Deadline: February 3rd, 2019

Preferred Start Date: May/June 2019

Transatlantic Dialogue interns will work with supervisors from our Democracy and Social Policy and Foreign and Security Policy programs. The Democracy and Society program brings together US and German policymakers and civil society organizations to explore issues that challenge our democracies and the transatlantic relationship. The program’s current activities focus on digital policy and immigration and integration policy. The Foreign and Security Policy program explores contemporary issues in the foreign and security policy realm with a specific focus on transatlantic cooperation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Typical program formats for both programs include panel discussions, publication of policy briefs and articles, study tours, and delegation visits.

This internship is best suited for students with a background in international relations, public policy, or German and European politics. Applicants should have a good understanding of both the US and German political scenes and an interest in pressing policy challenges for both program areas. We are especially seeking applicants with an interest in preparing commentaries and analyses on topical issues for both program areas.

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Internship Components

Basic Requirements

  • experience in at least one of our program areas
  • a genuine interest in the values and mission of the foundation
  • competent command of English (German is not a requirement)
  • a full-time commitment of 40 hours per week for 3 to 6 months (part-time only on a case-by-case basis)
  • at least 2 years of university-level experience 
  • currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program OR recent (< 1 year) Bachelor's degree recipients

Applications from mid-career professionals or applicants who have already completed a Master's or Ph.D. will not be accepted.

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • provide logistical support for preparation and implementation of visitor programs and events 
  • manage front desk duties (i.e. answer telephones, respond to information inquiries)
  • manage contact and program-specific databases


  • develop social media content and communications strategies
  • update content on our website and blogs


  • conduct background research on topical issues and current events
  • prepare research for upcoming events, tours, and speaker's series​

Capstone Project

In addition to routine tasks, interns are required to complete a capstone project on a topic of their choosing. Capstones can be one extensive piece or a combination of the following:

  • 5-10 page policy paper (see an example paper here). 
  • interview with a policy expert (either article or video)
  • script for a 2-3 min explanatory video
  • series of short blog pieces or op-eds 


  • a monthly stipend of $700 for full-time positions and proportionally less for part-time
  • 5 paid vacation days per 3 month period for full-time internships
  • most of the costs associated with a visa application can be covered by the foundation​

NOTE: Washington, DC is an expensive city. We encourage serious applicants to apply for external funding and scholarships if necessary.  

Diversity and inclusion are among the top priorities of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. We welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In your application, please adhere to common US application standards.  Do not include personally identifying information such as a photograph, date of birth, marital status, or gender in your application. 

NOTE: Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to notify unsuccessful applicants. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 5 weeks of the application deadline. 

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