Climate & Energy Fellowship

Climate & Energy Fellowship 2017

This year's Climate & Energy Transatlantic Media Fellows will research stories related to the following questions:


  • Energy transition and low carbon economy: How do Europe and the United States develop policies to increase energy efficiency and expedite the deployment of renewable energy sources? Which efforts can be seen on the national, state and local level? What role does civil society play in driving climate and energy policy forward?


  • Phase-out of coal and a just transition for coal communities: What does a just transition away from coal look like on the ground? How can coal communities in the US and Europe reinvent themselves and create new jobs and business opportunities?

About the Climate & Energy Fellowship

Europe and the United States have embarked on ambitious transitions toward a low carbon economy where great emphasis is placed on the role of increased energy efficiency and renewable energy in securing economic opportunities for business and industry. The goal of the Transatlantic Climate & Energy Media Fellowship is to familiarize energy and climate journalists and bloggers from Germany and the US with experiences and policy solutions from across the atlantic .

2017 Fellows


The Future of Incirlik Air Base

Transatlantic Media Fellowships

A report by Transatlantic Media Fellow Joseph Hammond for RealClear Defense explores the effects of US-Turkey tensions surrounding  Incirklik  Air Base, Turkey.

By Joseph Hammond

Life After Coal

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

In "Germany’s Appalachia," the last coal mine is closing. Can renewable energy and technology replace a quietly disappearing industry?

By Amelia Urry

Living with the Flood

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Flooded streets, drifting cars: That’s normalcy for the citizens of Norfolk. The city wants to better protect its residents. But they don't always cooperate.

By Alexandra Endres