Climate & Energy Fellowship

Climate & Energy Fellowship 2018

This year, we are looking for candidates to report on a variety of climate and energy policy topics in the US and in EU member states. Applicants should pitch stories related to:

●        Energy transitions

●        Low carbon economy

●        Green mobility

●        Climate policy on a local level

●        Just transitions in coal communities

●        Economic development in coal communities

●        Phase-out of coal

Research for Climate & Energy Policy should be conducted in the US, the European Union, or Turkey.

Applicants should either be:

  • based in the US and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting in the European Union or Turkey; or
  • based in Germany and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting in the US.

​Interested? Apply to our 2018 Transatlantic Media Fellowship. For more details, please see our call for applications.

About the Climate & Energy Fellowship

Europe and the United States have embarked on ambitious transitions toward a low carbon economy where great emphasis is placed on the role of increased energy efficiency and renewable energy in securing economic opportunities for business and industry. The goal of the Transatlantic Climate & Energy Media Fellowship is to familiarize energy and climate journalists and bloggers from Germany and the US with experiences and policy solutions from across the atlantic .

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