Think Tank 20

2017 German Presidency

2016 China-led Presidency 


Turkish G20 Presidency


Australian G20 Presidency

The first Think 20 under the Australian Presidency was convened  in Sydney, Australia on 11 December 2013 by the Lowy Institute, the Think 20, and the G20 Studies Centre. Click here to view each of thirty T20 participants made recommendations to the G20 on the topics of: The G20 economic/finance process; Trade liberalization; Financing for investment/infrastructure; and Development.

Background Note



Russian G20 Presidency

On December 11, 2012, the Think Tank 20 met in Moscow.  The Russian hosts circulated a "Background Note" on the topics of:

  • Reinvigorating economic growth: macroeconomic issues and fiscal sustainability
  • Trade & FDI: tools to restore growth and pave the path towards convergence
  • Enhancing sustainable development: finding enduring sources of shared global growth.

 A summary of the meeting and the 17 presentations of participants can be found here.



Mexican G20 Presidency

On February 27-29, Think Tank-20 representatives from 16 countries met in Mexico City to provide input and recommendations to the Mexican G20 Sherpa and her team.  Prior to the meeting, each participant submitted a short briefing memo on topics including: how to stabilize and reform the global economic and financial system, how to “green” the G20 agenda without adding new topics, and how to improve the G20's performance. 

Click here for a compilation of these memos (52 pages, pdf, 1.28MB)

Click here for the final recommendations the Mexican Sherpa is conveying at the next meeting of G20 sherpas (3 pages, pdf, 392KB)


Click here to read Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern's article "A New Development Bank for Infrastructure & Sustainability," October 2012