Civil Society Documents on the G20

This dossier features civil society documents on the G20 summits. It will be updated frequently, so please check back for new materials.

2017 German Summit

2016 China-led Summit 

2015 Turkish Summit

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2010 South Korea Summit

150 representatives from civil society met for the “Civil G20” in Incheon, Korea on October 14-15, 2011.  The Civil G20 took positions on issues “on the table” at the G20 Summit  as well as advocated for these positions with the “sherpas” or the official representatives of each of 20 Heads of State preparing for the Summit.

People’s Summit, November 8-12, South Korea

International Symposium on the G20 Summit: Seoul, So. Korea, July 7-8, 2010

Selected presentations

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2010 Canadian Summit

Held in Toronto, on Monday and Tuesday, June 21-22, 2010, just ahead of the G8 Summit in Huntsville and the G20 Summit in Toronto, this meeting was intended as a strategy session for civil society organizations, platforms and networks from many G20 countries (and beyond) to discuss diverse perspectives on both the G20 as an institution and priorities with respect to its agenda.
As the outcome of an initial G20 strategy meeting in Washington DC in April of 2010 among various groups, the intention of this broader meeting of national, regional and international networks was three-fold:

  • To develop a greater understanding of the key issues on the G20 agenda as well as alternative agendas seeking to influence the G20
  • To strengthen and solidify strategic connections among G20 and non-G20 countries in the lead up to the South Korean and French G20 meetings and strengthen the capacities of networks to develop their own analysis and strategies for confronting the G20;
  • To develop concrete ideas and proposals for collaboration with South Korean colleagues for the November Summit.

Civil Society Documents on the G20