German Energy Transition #2


German Energy Transition #2

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German Solar Bubble? Look Again!

June 4, 2012
Craig Morris

Germany was a first mover in the solar sector. Recent bankruptcies call its early commitment into question, but a closer look shows how well positioned Germany remains. Germany benefits from solar manufacturing in China by selling a lot of the production equipment and getting back cheap solar panels to install. America has been waiting for PV to become cost-competitive, and it now is. The time is right for the US to go solar. 

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Craig Morris is an American writer and translator in the energy sector who has been based in Germany since 1992. He directs Petite Planète and writes regularly for Renewables International.


This paper is part six of a six-part series on the German Energy Transition (Energiewende). The authors are experts on different issues such as renewable energies, rural communities, social movements, and nuclear power. Click the titles below to read the more of the series.

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2- German Solar Bubble? Look again!
by Craig Morris

3- Revitalizing Rural Communitites through the Renewable Energy Cooperative
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4- A Fresh Breeze for Seaports: How offshore wind boosts maritime economies in Germany
by Rebecca Bertram

5- Transatlantic Exchange: Why California is to blame for the "Energiewende"
by Paul Hockenos

6- German Energy Freedom: Moving beyond energy independence to energy democracy
by Craig Morris

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