GCF Board Meetings: Related Reports

hbs North America has accompanied the process for the operationalization of the GCF from its very beginning, including in the design phase of the Transitional Committee, with analysis and reports for each meeting.
Read below our comprehensive summary reports of GCF Board meetings, some pre-meeting analysis and specific recommendations for each Board meeting. Taken together, these provide an independent civil society archive of the GCF genesis:

Eleventh board meeting (November 2015, Livingstone/Zambia): 

Tenth board meeting (July 2015, Songo/South Korea):

Ninth board meeting (March 2015, Songdo/South Korea):

Eighth board meeting (October 2014, Bridgetown/Barbados): 

Seventh board meeting (May 2014, Songdo/Barbados):

Sixth board meeting (February 2014, Bali/Indonesia):

Fifth board meeting (October 2013, Paris/France):

Fourth board meeting (June 2013, Songdo/South Korea): 

Third board meeting (March 2013, Berlin/Germany):

Second board meeting (October 2012, Songdo/South Korea):

First board meeting (August 2012, Geneva/Switzerland): 


Reports on the meetings of the Transitional Committee (April to October 2011) for the design of the GCF

Fourth meeting (October 2011, Cape Town/South Africa):

Third meeting (September 2011, Geneva/Switzerland):

A Summary Report of the Third Meeting of the Transitional Committee in Geneva

Second meeting (July 2011, Tokyo/Japan):

First meeting (April 2011, Mexico City/Mexico):

Of Troikas, Tensions, Test Balloons, Work Themes and Transparency Issues