The Heinrich Böll House Langenbroich

In the spirit of Heinrich Böll, the house at Langenbroich offers a workspace for artists who are persecuted or for artists who would else be unable to work creatively - be it for reasons of censorship, civil unrest, or because of their economic situation. 

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The Heinrich Böll House and its Guests

The Langenbroich scholarship programme has been in place since 1990; over seventy artists and writers have resided and worked in Langenbroich house. A former residence of the Böll family, the project is a collaboration with the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen and the House Langenbroich Association. 

The house offers a workspace for artists who are persecuted or for artists who would else be unable to work creatively. Awards are granted for various reasons, including censorship, civil unrest, or an artist's economic situation. 

Heinrich Böll House Langenbroich: Grant Awards

The Heinrich Böll House in Langenbroich (Northern Eifel) was purchased in the 1960s by the Böll family, who stayed there primarily in the summer months until Heinrich Böll’s death.

Since 1989 it has been run by the Heinrich Böll-Haus Langenbroich e.V., a registered association with charitable status. As a result of extensive redevelopment work (architect: Vincent Böll), four flats are now available for writers and artists: two single apartments, one double and one triple.

The working grants are not primarily linked to specific projects - the important thing is to create the right conditions for a good working atmosphere. To this end, an accompanying program of events should be organized. The association will try to arrange readings, discussions, seminars, and exhibitions.

Award Information

Usually, the grants are awarded for periods of four months at sums about €950 per month. Accommodation in the apartments is free. The foundation will refund the traveling expenses. During the stay in the Heinrich Böll House, the guests will be assured.

The grants are funded by the association in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, the federal state of NRW and other institutions promoting culture.

In selecting applications, priority is given to creative work by potential holders of a grant. The jury requests that applicants send in a sample manuscript of no more than 20 pages. Where necessary, we would prefer to have translations in German, English or French, although we shall be able to assess texts in other languages.

Preference shall be given to authors from countries in which working conditions are badly affected by political or economic factors and in which publishing is difficult or even impossible.

Painters and composers are also welcome to apply. One of the four grant-holder apartments is a studio which adjoins the residential complex. It provides the space and tranquility to develop one’s abilities through painting, shaping and composing. Applicants should send us color prints of photographs of their chosen paintings, information per internet, CDs or cassettes of their music. For these applications, we shall call in additional experts onto the jury.

Please submit the usual details about yourself, summarized on one or two typed pages. For example: How long have you been engaged in literary or artistic work? Have you already received any prizes, honorary awards or grants?

Please specify the period in which you would like to live and work in Langenbroich. The jury will meet at least twice a year. We therefore ask you to be patient if you are waiting for a decision.

How to Apply

All application material must be sent to the following address:

Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Sigrun Reckhaus
Antwerpener Str. 19
50672 Köln
phone: +49-(0)221-2834850
Fax: +49-(0)221-5102589