Climate Finance 101

Video Series

Climate finance can seem daunting and technical at times. Here's a breakdown of climate finance, why it must be gender-responsive, and the Green Climate Fund.

This video discusses the state of global climate finance, its moral underpinnings, needs and purposes globally.

In this video, we show why climate finance must be gender-responsive and what gender responsive climate finance should look like.

This video briefly introduces the Green Climate Fund, currently the largest multilateral climate fund, its mandate, function and promise.

These videos were created for educational, non-commercial purposes. The UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), UNFCCC, UN, The World Bank, the GCF and the GCFWatch logos are the properties of the relevant legal entities.

Music & sound attributions: 
Chris Mann - “Cosmopolitic”, February 26, 2018.
Scott Holmes - “Little Idea” licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 on 21st February, 2019. Accessed here.

All sound effects used can be found at and downloaded here.

These videos were created by Ifra Asad, István Pósfai, Viktor Mák,  and Liane Schalatek.