2023 Parliamentary Elections in Poland

On October 15, Polish citizens will go to the polls to decide on their new leadership. These Polish elections are uniquely consequential for the European continent, the United States and the future of the transatlantic alliance. The country faces democratic backsliding that mirrors trends in other European countries and the United States: right-wing parties are rolling back the rights of women, minorities, and the LGBTQIA+ community, scapegoating migrants and refugees, and threatening free and independent media, the judiciary and the rule of law.

Since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Poland has also played a central role in the European security architecture and is leading efforts to combat and end Russian aggression in the region.

In the following articles, our colleagues in Warsaw provide context for the Polish elections and explain what the vote means for the future of Europe, for the transatlantic partnership, and for progressive forces in the country.