Beijing office, China

The work of the Heinrich Böll Foundation China office focuses on the complex interactions between Chinese and global developments. Against this backdrop, the office supports Chinese partner organizations who implement projects in areas such as ecology/sustainability and follow China’s role in processes of global change.

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Together with our Chinese partners the Heinrich Böll Foundation China program supports societal, academic and political exchanges. We principally support those projects and research proposals that address the connection between domestic (Chinese) and global developments.

The most pressing global problems can no longer be solved without the involvement of China. This is particular the case in policy fields like international environmental protection and the globalization of infrastructure and digital connectivity.

The office aims to makes a contribution to finding answers to challenges like climate change, resource depletion and to enable a discourse that includes diverse societal voices. Besides cooperation with official research institutions, hbs Beijing primarily cooperates with societal organizations in order to integrate them into transnational debates on sustainability and climate protection. The office raises awareness for gender aspects in all supported projects and emphasizes the necessity of conceptualizing societal and environmental transformation processes as a nexus. The portfolio of our work ranges from academic conferences about the theory of development paradigms to supporting practical projects that aim to avoid plastic waste.

By means of academic studies and the facilitation of networking among a variety of actors, the Beijing office supports learning and dialogue formats about China’s global infrastructure initiatives so that these can be realized in a more sustainable and socially just manner. Based on case studies and direct exchanges, hbs and its partners develop policy recommendations for improving the legal framework, as well as relevant environmental and social standards for Chinese international investments.

The office also publishes its own analyses of Chinese domestic academic debates on questions regarding China’s environmental and societal development.

Office director:
Oliver Lutz Radtke

Contact details:
Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Beijing Representative Office
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