Paris Office - France

Since late 2015, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is in the process of setting up a new office in Paris, which will focus on four main activities: energy transition and climate protection, greening the economy, democracy’s crisis of confidence, and European politics.

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French-German co-operation is key to resolving the countless external as well as internal challenges the European Union is facing today. Therefore, the Heinrich Böll Foundation has been in the process of setting up a new office in Paris since late 2015.

In order to help resolve issues on the European level, and in view of the common good of the whole of the European Union, the France Office will attempt to improve the constructive dialogue between France and Germany. To this end, the office will focus on four main topics, namely, energy transition and climate protection; greening the economy; democracy’s crisis of confidence; and European politics. Some of the main components of the latter activity will be dealing with European refugee and integration policies; developing strategies against far-right and right-wing populist forces; and promoting a common European foreign and security policy.

Currently, the office is in the middle of setting up operations. Increased programme activities will commence during the second half of 2016.


Paris Office - France
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Marc Berthold
80 Quai Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France
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