Warsaw Office - Poland

Established in 2002, the Warsaw office works closely with partner organisations within the thematic priority areas of Democracy & Human Rights, International Politics, Energy & Climate, and European Agricultural Policy.

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It began its mission by facilitating the process of Poland’s integration into the European Union, especially with respect to democratization and ecology.

Supporting the potential of German-Polish cooperation and of European networks informs the approach to all conferences, study trips, workshops and publications etc. In partnership with civil society actors, academia, think tanks and relevant stakeholders from politics and economics, the office in Poland mainly concentrates on three principal areas:

  • Within the Democracy & Human Rights programme it supports thriving, inclusive democracy and equal participation without any form of discrimination.
  • The International Policy programme creates, through various formats, space for human rights-centered discussion about EU development and about the future of a common European foreign and security policy.
  • The Europeanisation of energy transition is a thematic priority of the Energy & Climate programme. Its primary objectives involve a contribution to the development of sustainable, socio-ecological transformation in Poland.
  • In the European Agricultural Policy programme, we deal with the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), one of the most important areas in which the EU countries cooperate and which covers around 40% of the EU budget. The program aims to generate an extensive debate in Poland to discuss the prevailing model of agriculture, the impact of the CAP, and the need for its reform.


Office Warsaw – Poland

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