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The end of the Cold War ended the state of affairs in which the transatlantic alliance was taken for granted. Having entered a new phase of transatlantic relations, which shared interests and values will connect us in the future? How does the transatlantic alliance adapt to a world in which economic and political leverage is shifting rapidly?

While still in the process of finding its role as a geopolitical actor, the consolidation and enlargement of the European Union has already started to change Europe’s global role in fundamental ways. In the future, the EU can be expected to increasingly consolidate its foreign policy by taking on tasks formerly conducted by NATO or the US. We believe that a transatlantic partnership is indispensible to meet the global nature of today’s political, economic and security challenges.

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Analysis of the German Federal Elections 2021


The analysis after the vote takes four structural dimensions into consideration, which are worthy of increased attention: (1) generations and their different voting patterns, (2) regional differences, (3) women and their political representation, and (4) changes in the Bundestag.