Strengthening Democracy

Western democracies have witnessed the rapid rise of global and national right-wing movements that are increasingly successful in mobilizing public support and running competitive election campaigns. These fundamentally anti-democratic groups seek not only to spur racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic sentiments, but also to foment widespread mistrust in democratic institutions, including the media, the justice system, and free and fair elections. Frequently, such movements demand a nationalist rewriting of history that ignores the lessons of Germany’s fascist past, of European ethnonationalism, and of the American experience of slavery and genocide. We work with partners across the US and Europe to educate the public about these troubling trends, provide historical and comparative analysis, and buttress democratic leaders, institutions, and policies.

Democracy, Democratization and Climate Change

Relationships between democracy and more particularly democratization on the one side and climate change and responses to that on the other are underexplored in the two literatures on democratization and climate change. A special issue of the journal DEMOCRATIZATION, with contributions by several Heinrich Böll Foundation authors, explores a variety of facets of this complex and interdependent relationship.