Covid-19 in the Global South

In early 2020, the world was faced with an – until then – unknown virus: Covid-19. Same as the governmental reactions to the pandemic, its impact on the political and societal situation differ from country to country. This dossier sheds light on the situation in Brazil, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines and Ukraine, focusing especially on the impacts to the health systems and democratic institutions and the situation of women and girls in the respective countries.

Map of Brazil

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Brazil

Case Study

The Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil comes in the wake of the political polarisation that was accentuated in the 20141 presidential elections and the scientific denialism used by the current government of President Jair Bolsonaro. Experts estimate that the way the president handles the most serious health crisis in recent decades is a reflection of this scenario.

Map of Kosovo

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Kosovo

Case Study

“In the midst of the pandemic, Kosovo became a country left with a caretaker government, crippled parliamentary competencies and entered a new political crisis” - An insight into the current situation in Kosovo.

Map of Northwestern Africa

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Morocco

Case Study

What are the impacts of the pandemic in Morocco? The main challenge ahead is economic recovery: getting the economy back on track, regenerating jobs, and attracting investments are at the top of the government’s priorities.

Map of Nigeria

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Nigeria

Case Study

In Nigeria, the healthcare system was not prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more about how the pandemic affected a country where more than half the population lacks access to primary medical care while Nigerian doctors seek employment abroad.

Map of the Philippines

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Philippines

Case Study

The Covid-19 pandemic struck the Philippines in the midst of economic growth. This paper documents how the Philippines got stuck in this crisis and why the government has failed to flatten the curve.

Map of Ukraine

Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Ukraine

Case Study

In Ukraine, especially vulnerable groups were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has become even more challenging, considering the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the unstable political system.