Reflections on Feminist Foreign and Development Policy

What does it take to realize an intersectional feminist foreign policy that benefits countries in the Global North and Global South? How can we prevent feminist foreign policy from turning into a branding tool with little substance or transformative potential? Why is it necessary for democratic governments to pursue a feminist foreign policy in an increasingly authoritarian world? These are some of the questions that a group of young feminists fellows set out to answer during a study tour in the United States organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Their takes on feminist foreign policy range from applying a human security lens to the war in Ukraine, to rectifying power imbalances that stem from colonial legacies, to bringing all allies, including men, into the conversation. Read their inspiring and thoughtful analysis here.

A Global North-South Dialogue on Feminist Foreign Policy

In the first episode of our mini podcast series “Hear Her Roar” host and feminist foreign policy fellow Sabrine Dao leads a discussion on the understanding and limitations of the concept of feminist foreign policy from a Global South perspective.