Annika Brockschmidt
Headshot of Annika Brockschmidt

Annika Brockschmidt studied History, German Studies and War and Conflict Studies in Heidelberg, Durham and Potsdam. She is a freelance journalist and author, has worked for ZDF Hauptstadtstudio and co-produced the podcast "Science Pie" (awarded by The Stifterverband), as well as other podcasts for the German Agency for Civic Education (HistoPod) and the Max Weber Foundation (Wissen Entgrenzen). She writes for Tagesspiegel, ZEIT Online, and ZEIT Geschichte and other media outlets. After her book Goethes Faust und Einsteins Haken: der Kampf der Wissenschaften, which she wrote together with Dennis Schulz, her second non-fiction book Amerikas Gotteskrieger - wie die Religiöse Rechte die Demokratie gefährdet was published in October 2021 at Rowohlt and became a bestseller. She is the co-host and founder of the "Kreuz und Flagge" podcast which covers the politics of the Religious Right and is currently working on her third book.