Annika Hirsekorn
Annika Hirsekorn Headshot

Annika Hirsekorn has been part of the curatorial team at the Berlin exhibition space neurotitan since 2014. As a curator, she is dedicated to socio-political issues with a focus on memory cultures, human rights education, and urban development. In 2018, she initiated the group Denk.mal Inklusiv to develop strategies for an inclusive culture of memory together with a group of inclusion consultants and artists with and without disabilities. In 2020, the group was awarded by the Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk for the development of an inclusive website on places of remembrance. In addition to art and educational programs she created in her focus areas and which she carries out with international partner organizations, she further proposes performative appropriations of sites of memory in the series "Encounter with Monument".