Antonia Brand
Foreign Policy and Democracy Intern
Headshot of Antonia Brand

Antonia Brand is the Foreign Policy and Democracy Intern at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Washington, DC. She is responsible for assisting the directors of the Transatlantic Democracy Program and the Foreign & Security Program on current projects including ongoing publications and study tours. In addition, she supports the Office Manager’s operations through administrative contributions.

Antonia is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Mannheim; she also has a background in Economics and English Literature. Prior to joining the foundation as an intern, Antonia worked for the Wuppertal Institute where she monitored the sustainability of European countries’ economic recovery spending after the pandemic. She also completed internships with the ARD Studio and European Broadcasting Union in Brussels.

She is particularly interested in security policy, civil-military relations, political polarization, and the social and political ramifications of media practices and regulation in the US and Europe. After gaining more practical experience, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations starting in fall 2024.