Chenai Chair
Special Advisor for Africa Innovation at Mozilla

Chenai Chair is the Special Advisor on Africa Mradi Innovation at Mozilla Foundation. She is an expert on the intersection of digital technology and gender. She has built her expertise with extensive experience in work that is focused on understanding the impact of technology in society through research and public policy assessment. Her work draws on principles of feminism in assessing digital technology. She has developed projects focused on privacy, data protection and AI as Mozilla 2019/2020 fellow - available on She also led the research on Women's Rights Online as the Web Foundation's gender and digital rights research manager. She has worked on issues of access within the digital divide as a Researcher at Research ICT Africa (RIA). While at RIA, she developed communication strategies to increase public engagement on research as a Communications Manager. She also works as a consultant on research projects focused on digital rights including assessing the state of digital identity in Zimbabwe and developed recommendations for digital rights literacy in Southern Africa. She is currently an Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group Member and a steering committee member for The Center for International Governance Innovation’s work on assessing online Gender Based Violence. Chenai holds a Masters in Social Science degree focused on Global Studies from the University of Cape Town.