Claudia Hille
Researcher at Transport and Spatial Planning Institute, University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt
Headshot of Claudia Hille

Claudia studied Sociology at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Afterwards she worked as a political advisor in the fields of environmental policy. Since 2013 Claudia has been working as a research associate at the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt. During this time she took part in different research projects with a strong focus on sustainable mobility and transport policy (e.g. electromobility, bike sharing, digitization of transport, mobility justice). Her particular interest is on social science based mobility research. Claudia holds a PhD from the Department of Human Geography at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Her PhD thesis was about the influence of multi-local housing on mobility behavior.

Claudia is also founder of the initiative “Ella – Lastenräder für Erfurt” – a free cargo bike sharing service in the city of Erfurt. “Ella” shows how car-free life in urban areas can work without foregoing the comfortable transport of large or heavy goods. Ella also shows how the voluntary commitment of citizens can have a very practical influence on local transport policy.