Eva von Schaper
Transatlantic Media Fellow
Headshot of Eva von Schaper

Eva von Schaper is a German-American journalist living in Munich. In early 2020 she set out to explore the link between the drop in measles vaccination rates in Europe and the rise of populist parties. As the pandemic unfolded, she began to see the patterns in covid-denialism that mimicked what we had seen with anti-vaxxers. Together with her co-host, she started Inoculation podcast and the Inoculated newsletter to explore disinformation, anti-vaccine groups and covid-denialism.

Eva will produce two US-centred episodes of her Inoculation podcast based as part of a virtual fellowship. One episode will deal with the threat and the limits of computer-generated disinformation. The other will deal with the challenges of monitoring disinformation in social audio spaces as opposed to traditional social media.


Follow Eva on Twitter: @EvavonSchaper @TInoculation