Jephta Nguherimo
Labor Negotiator and Activist
Headshot of Jephta U Nguherimo

Jephta U Nguherimo was born in the village of Okanjokomukona, Namibia. He was a political refugee during Namibia's colonial Apartheid era. In 1987, he was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Bishop Desmond Tutu Scholarship Fund to study at the University of Rochester, NY, where he earned a B.S. in Philosophy and International Political Economy. In 1997, he received an M.S. in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. An accomplished labor negotiator and activist, he is the co-founder of the OvaHerero, Ovambanderu, and Nama Genocide Institute ( and the author of a book of poetry unBuried-unMarked: The Untold Namibian Story of the Victims of German Genocide between 1904 -1908. He resides in the USA and recently retired from the Maryland State Education Association, where he worked as a union representative. He is an activist in the reparation movement about the OvaHerero and Nama genocide. He engaged in activities that eventually forced the German government to confront and acknowledge the genocide of 1904-08. He has led conversations and presented talks on the restorative justice struggles and memory culture at numerous international conferences. His work led him to be featured in a documentary film by Al Jazeera titled Namibia: The Price of genocide in 2021.