Lisa Valleroy-Djang
Headshot of Lisa Valleroy-Djang

Lisa Valleroy-Djang is a proud New Mexican interested in how imagined communities and memory shape narratives and identities. She has worked extensively with Widen the Circle, an organization that combats prejudice by fostering a shared understanding of the past.  Her initiatives helped support the Obermayer Awards, which honors people and organizations in Germany that have worked creatively and selflessly to raise awareness of Jewish history and culture in their communities, and to fight the rise of hate, prejudice, and anti-Semitism. As a graduate student, she organized a forum to unpack the history, symbolism, and impact of Confederate and colonialist statues in New Mexico and the broader United States. Lisa also spent time in Munich learning from the team at Bellevue di Monaco, a residential and cultural center for refugees and other Munich citizens. She holds a Bachelor's degree in German Literature from Reed College and a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University.