Marisa McNatt
Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder

Marisa McNatt is a Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies with a policy focus at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  She is interested in researching and communicating factors that influence and shape climate change and energy policy in the U.S., ranging from geographical, to socioeconomic, to cultural.  Marisa is a member of the International Collective of Environment, Culture & Politics, an interdisciplinary CU-Boulder affiliated research group.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Broadcast and a Graduate Certificate on Environment, Policy and Society from CU in 2011.

Marisa is interested in researching and communicating to US policy-makers strategies that the EU and Germany are using for transitioning to a carbon-free economy.  Specifically, Marisa is researching how strategies for transitioning toward a carbon-free economy in the EU and Germany can be applied in the context of U.S. culture and politics.

This fellowship was part of the EU funded Transatlantic Energy and Climate Network project.