Nicole Amoussou
Consultant & Trainer for Development Education
Headshot Nicole Amoussou

Nicole Amoussou has been actively involved in international project work since 2010 including Benin, Germany, France and Cameroon. Since 2012 she advises and accompanies institutions and non-governmental organizations, in the field of anti-racism sensitization, non-discriminatory process.  As a process facilitator, she designs pedagogical concepts for volunteer service organizations. She is a co-founder of the association MeineWelt e.V and Place e.V., and leads the black academy program which focuses on competencies of black people.

She works a lot with the analysis of images, language, and power structures in political education work. She supports institutions in making their public relations sensitive to discrimination and in establishing a permanent and sustainable process of raising awareness. She is particularly experienced in community work and empowerment of diaspora organizations and people and/or children and youth with migration experience. Another focus of her work is capacity building, decolonization, and reflection on colonial continuities as well as process support for institutions and organizations in the field of development cooperation. She speaks Fon, French, German and English and is very open to other forms of communication.