Noah Gordon
Transatlantic Media Fellow
Headshot of Noah Gordon

Noah Gordon is a freelance journalist based in Berlin. He was born and raised in Washington, DC. Noah primarily covers climate and energy topics, especially how they affect foreign affairs and the transatlantic relationship. He writes the Carbon Critical column for IP Quarterly of the DGAP. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, New Statesman, Clean Energy Wire, Climate Diplomacy, and Euractiv, among others.

Noah is an advisor at the climate consultancy adelphi, where he coordinates the Transatlantic Climate Bridge. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Energy Transitions at the University of Erfurt.

During his Böll Foundation fellowship, Noah will cover both the Biden administration’s struggles to pass the legislation required to hit its new, ambitious climate targets and the EU’s efforts to make climate protection a part of daily life with its new regulations on the transport and buildings sectors. Each union of states should have lessons to share with the other.


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